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Past examples:

  1. How do I get funding in an industry when it’s out of favor (ad tech)?
  2. There’s lots of U.S. investment in clean tech. How do I connect with investors?
  3. How do I get my first investor?


Starts with the type of business

  1. Mission oriented - lifestyle or social enterprise, exit not a goal
  2. Growth oriented - includes services (and revenue-first), exploits local need, exit (if any) based on cash flow of mature business
  3. Upfront “hole” that requires lots of capital - scalable model in the long-term, exit M&A or IPO


Take control yourself


  1. Revenue (customers) - prepaid product purchases, joint development / services
  2. Partner - pay-later services from vendors, non-recoverable engineering (NRE) costs from partners
  3. Grants (non-dilutive)
  4. Debt - borrow, SBA
  5. Equity - accelerators